What Life is All About

God made us for himself. Life is, therefore, all about him: loving, obeying, enjoying and glorifying him. We humans strive to find happiness. We eat and sleep, court and love, create, invent, strive, clamor and fight but cannot find the happiness we seek. Why? Because we're self-centered. We try to satisfy our lust for life, thinking that wholeness and peace are the product of self-fullfilment and self-enjoyment.

That is an illusion, a lie we tell ourselves.

We were made for God and cannot not find peace until we have peace with him. There is no happiness without holiness, and we are decidedly not holy. That is why we are not at peace with God.

Holiness is not a kind of other-worldliness. It is not achieved by dressing, eating or functioning differently. Holiness is a matter of the heart. It has to do with whether we sincerely love God, or don't. That is what determines our motives and the way we lead our lives. That is what sets our goals.

If we love God, we'll gladly be taken up with him, and then will find the way to peace. At my best, I love my wife. I think of her often and want to find new ways to please her. I love my children and am occupied with their happiness although they are now grown and out of the house. If we love God, we'll be taken up with thinking about him and his wishes rather than with the satisfaction of our needs and desires. That is when we will become attuned to the message of his amazingly wonderful grace.

That is what life is all about.

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