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Soli Deo Gloria is the writing and teaching ministry of Baruch Maoz in Israel. Baruch is engaged in writing original commentaries on the Bible, and theological and practical works in Hebrew. Some of his books are available in English. His critique of the Messianic movement, Come Let Us Reason Together: The Unity of Jews and Gentiles in the Church, has been published by P&R, and his Devotional Commentary, Malachi: A Prophet in Times of Distress by Crossbooks. Both are available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Shepherd Press has puboished his Devotional Commentary Jonah: A Prophet on the Run.

Baruch is also engaged in writing (in Hebrew) a commentary on Romans and Colossians, futher books in the Devotional Commentary series, an Introduction to Systematic Theology, editing a modern translation of the Bible into Modern Hebrew and writing other expositional and theological books. In the pipeline are also books on church life and structure, How to Preach and Listen to Sermons, and daily Christian disiplines. To date, Baruch is the only author writing Christian literature n Hebrew.

Baruch and Bracha are Israeli Jewish Christians who have served in Israel for 5 decades now. Between April 1974 and December 2006 Baruch served with Christian Witness to , most of that time as Israel Field Leader. Betwen May 1975 and December 2008 he served as Pastor of Grace and Truth Christian Congregation in Rishon LeTsion, Israel. Our website reflects the experiences gained in the course of that time.

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Baruch's Musings
July 24, 2014

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A Instance of International Shame

The United Nations Human Right Council has decided to conduct an investigation into war crimes -- not the committed by Hamas' shooting rockets onto Israeli citizens, using its own citizens as human shields, transporting combatants in ambulances, storing rockets in US schools, conducting attacks from schools, kindergartens and hospitals -- no, the UNHRC will investigate Israel's purported war crimes. This while Israel repeatedly cancelled or delayed responsive attacks to enabled pre-warned civilians to leave locations about to be attacked, absorbed scores of rockets with limited response (I believe that is what is called "proportionate" response).

Nor will the UNHRC investigate Iran's suppression of its opposition, China's persecution of religious minorities, Russia's governmental abuse of power, North Korea's starving of its population and the hundreds of thousands in it labour camps. Only Israel will be called into account by the hypocritical world in which we live.

Shame! Shame!

This is not to say that, in the course of battle, unacceptable realities occur. Nor is it to claim that all Israeli soldiers are free from blame. But Israel does not have a policy that is deserving of condemnation. Quite to the contrary. Our policy is more humane, more considerate of civilian lives, more generous than that of ANY nation in the history of warfare. It will continue to be so in the teeth of world cynicism.

I am proud and grateful to be an Israeli.


Fighting continues in Gaza. Hamas is willing to pay any price in terms of the lives of its combatants or the poor civilians trapped in the war-torn areas, so long as it can achieve gains in its conflict with Israel. The temporary cancellation of commercial flights to Israel is an example of such. For this reason, the organization has refused all offers of a cease-fire.

IDF spokesman issued a statement saying that the IDF attacked targets in the Al-Wafa Hospital compound in Gaza after Hamas militants repeatedly fired at Israeli forces from within the compound. According to the statement, Israel had repeatedly warned the Palestinians of its intentions to attack. The director of the hospital told Haaretz that the hospital has been empty since July 17.

Speaking at the emergency meeting in Geneva, Israel's envoy to the UNHRC, Eviatar Manor, charged that the UN Human Rights Council "failed to protect the human rights of Israelis." He went on to say that the residents of Gaza were not Israel's enemies and that Israel was committed to international law. 

For the second time, Israel has learned of a stash of rockets hidden in a United Nations World Relief Organization school in Gaza.

Anti-Semitic attacks have increased in Europe. A British Liberal Democrat MP is facing disciplinary action for saying he would likely fire a rocket at Israel if he lived in the Gaza Strip.Gianni Vattimo, a well-known public intellectual and former member of the European Parliament, declared that he would personally like to kill Israelis and thinks Europeans should raise money “to buy Hamas some more rockets,” he recently said on the radio. “I’d like to shoot those bastard Zionists,” Vattimo told Radio 24’s most successful show, “La Zanzara.” When asked by the hosts whether he would like to see more Israelis killed, Vattimo, who described himself on air as “a non-violent person,” responded: “Of course!”

Later, he said he “unfortunately can’t really shoot” because he was exempted from military service. Vattimo also said he was planning to launch a fund-raising campaign to buy better weapons for Hamas, saying the militants are “fighting with toy rockets that don’t really kill anyone.” He suggested Europeans form international brigades to fight along with Hamas, just as foreign volunteers fought Franco during the Spanish Civil War, and said Israel was “a bit worse than the Nazis.”


Today, Thursday, July 24th, Israel entered the 17th day of its operation in the Gaza Strip. The night had passed with only one rocket fired at border towns. There were no casualties and no damage was done. However, Rocket fire resumed in the morning, with barrages fired at the south and at Tel Aviv and its northern environs. Five rockets were intercepted. The rest fell in open areas.

Hamas is seeking to position itself with some gains as the fruit of the conflict. Among its demands, the complete removal of the Egyptian-Israeli blockade is central. However, both countries are seeking tangible assurances that the end of the blockage will not result in rearmament and the eventual renewal of attacks from Gaza. Hamas' previous action give little room to trust its verbal assurances, even if such were forthcoming.

Israel insists that it has no reason to blockade Hamas-ruled Gaza if these concerns are effectively met by some other means and has proposed a demilitarization of the Gaza Strip. But such an option implies the disarming of Hamas and other Jihadist elements in the Strip and no willingness for such a step is in sight.

Meanwhile, as attacks form Gaza have declined, so have Israeli attacks while Israel Defense Forces continue to search and destroy tunnels and military infrastructure.


Israeli troops were shot at from the area of a UNWRA school in Gaza. An IDF source said that IDF representatives made contact with UNRWA and the Red Cross to inform them troops were shot at from the school, and that the IDF would return fire if this was repeated. It was, and the IDF responded as promised. Hamas now claims 15 dead. Earlier, The claim was of 10 civilian casualties.

Hamas political bureau head Khaled Meshal has said that Hamas is prepared to sign a ceasefire agreement – on condition that the siege of Gaza is rescinded. "We seek full international commitment to the end of the aggression and the siege over Gaza - real commitment," he told several Arabic-language media outlets. "We are not interested in the mechanism, what we are interested in are true guarantees that the siege be lifted. We have gotten such promises before, and nothing came of them."

"We want an international airport, we want a seaport, we want an opening to the outside world, and not the situation where we are controlled by a few border crossings that turn Gaza into a huge prison, where no one can leave even for medical treatment or to work […] When we get a clearly worded drafting that guarantees these things, and the international community gives its backing to this draft - than the fire can be stopped, even today." 

In short, Hamas wants to be rewarded for its vicious tantrum, which cost the lives of hundreds of it innocent's civilians and terrorized millions of Israelis and Palestinians. Nor is it wiling to offer anything in return, let alone provide any kind of assurances it will not turn around, rearm, rebuild its attacks tunnel and foment another vicious round of violence.


July 22, 2014

Israel has rejected a proposed cease-fire, stating it will accept the cease-fire proposals framed by the Egyptian Government. This includes the disarming of Hamas and demilitarization of Gaza.

Four more attack tunnels were discovered. Two more squads of Hamas militants emerged from one of the tunnels well inside Israeli territory and in close proximity to Israeli villages. They were detected at once, most of their members killed in the ensuing gun fight, with a small, unknown, number escaping back through the tunnel into Gaza.

One Israeli soldier has been declared missing, presumed dead. Authorities believe he was killed with six of his fellow-soldiers when their APC was hit by a anti-tank missile. Hamas claimed to have abducted him, but observation posts with direct view of the area deny such is the case. Body remains are being examined for DNA markers.

Schools, hospitals, clinics' kindergartens and mosques are being used by Hamas as military depots, attack positions and command posts, forcing Israel to attack these.

Rockets have destroyed homes in the Tel Aviv region and its surrounding cities. Casualties were avoided due to precautions taken by the Israeli Government and by Israeli citizens following instructions given. Palestinian wounded are being treated in Israeli hospitals.


We Israelis deeply regret the death or wounding of every Gazan civilian. We p[ray for the healing, comfort and well being of every civilian in Gaza and plead with Hamas: you are responsible for the welfare, health and happiness of all Gaza citizens. Desist building rockets with the piping we allow into Gaza for irrigation and sewage. Desist from building attack tunnels, using the rebar and concrete we allow in for the construction of homes, schools, hospital and mosques. Desist from using your own citizens, women and children to shield yourselves when you attack us, and then cynically use their suffering as a publicity stunt. Life for both of our peoples could be wonderful if we would only agree to live side by side in peace. Come, our hand is outstretched to you: let us make destroy our weapons of warfare and use of tremendous shared energies for the good of all concerned.

"UN Secretary-General calls upon Israel to exercise restraint..." Wait a minute: did I hear right? Why are we called upon to "exercise restraint" and not a word has said of Hamas' duty in that respect. Israel IS exercising commendable restraint and has done so for years while Hamas attacked our cities, shot at our children, ambushed our soldiers and now seeks to cover our land with rockets while cowardly hiding behind their own civilians, whose lives they put at premeditated risk.


"The European Union calls for the disarming of Hamas and other Gaza terrorist organisations." Well, good morning sunshine. Better late than never. But yet again: disarm Hamas and like-minded organizations and you have robbed them of the very raison d'etre of their existence. 


"The US has promised 47,000,000 toward the alleviation of Gaza suffering." I don't understand: is THIS the time to make such promises? What on earth is the US' policy toward the Middle East? Does it have a thought-out policy, or is the present administration in search of such?


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Baruch is available for ministry in most of these states, He is prepared to preach, report on the scene in Israel, or offer an expository seminar on a biblical book. If your church is interested, please write to languageservice4u@gmail.com


Breaking News

July 24, 2014

Here is an example of war crimes (Be sure to play the video):









July 23, 2014

Fighting continues in Gaza. Hamas is willing to pay any price in terms of the lives of its combatants or the poor civilians trapped in the war-torn areas, so long as it can achieve gains in its conflict with Israel. The temporary cancellation of commercial flights to Israel is an example of such. For this reason, the organization has refused all offers of a cease-fire.





Iraqi militants crush resistance and head towards Baghdad.



Iraqi Christians flee Mosul.


The first Israeli Jewish Christian casualty in present hostilities is from the Ethiopian community, sergeant Moshe (Moses) Malko. No mention of Moshe's faith was made by the Israeli press. Your prayers for the bereaved family will be appreciated. 

Others of the Israeli Jewish Christianity community have been wounded in the fighting and are now being treated. Please pray for their recovery.

Over 100 Israeli Christians are engaged in the conflict with Hamas. One church alone reports 13 reservists and 20 enlistees.


July 22 2014


The Good life of a senior Hamas official - luxury jets, hotels....



The first Israeli Jewish Christian casualty in present hostilities is from the Ethiopian community, sergeant Moshe (Moses) Melko. Your prayers for the bereaved family will be appreciated. Others of the Israeli Jewish Christianity community have been wounded in the fighting and are now being treated. Please pray for their recovery.

July 21, 2014

Speaking of restraint, how about this example: "We will continue to batter the homes of the Zionists until the last Zionist leaves Palestinian land," Hamas official Mushir al-Masri said last week. "All of Palestine, from the sea to the river."


I have deep respect and love for Baruch Maoz, and the work that he is carrying on in Israel, despite obstacles and opposition. He has been a dear friend for many years. I’ll never forget doing a conference for him in Israel several years ago. I pray that God may use his sound theology, helpful preaching, excellent books, and numerous gifts for the conversion and spiritual maturation of thousands of Israelis and for the abundant glory of God. Rev. Joel R. Beeke, Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation, Author


Baruch Maoz has been a minister of the gospel, author, publisher, and voice for believers in the land of Israel for four decades. I have seen firsthand the fruit of his ministry and I cannot recommend it too highly. Baruch’s preaching, teaching, and writing ministry should be supported by all who care about the gospel and its impact in Israel and beyond! Pastor Jerry Marcellino, Audubon Drive Bible Church, Federation of reformed Evangelicals – Laurel, Mississippi


Knowing and embracing our Lord’s clear directive to bring the Gospel to the “Jew first” I, along with BPC have been extraordinarily blessed to work in partnership with the effective biblical and faithful ministry of Baruch Maoz. His ministry of evangelism, discipleship, along with his strategic and insightful writing/translation projects, only enhance my opportunity to recommend him and his ministry. Rev. Harry Reeder, Senior Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church (PCA), Birmingham AL


Tom Ascol of the Founders Movement writes: "Baruch and Bracha Maoz serve in the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Baruch has served as a pastor, publisher, author and church reformer in his homeland of Israel. He has ministered several times with our Grace Baptist Church family in Cape Coral and our people have come to love Bracha and him dearly. I highly recommend his and his ministry to any church that values expositional preaching and the gospel of God's grace." Dr. Thomas Ascol, Grace Baptist Church (SBC), Founders Movement, Cape Coral FL

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